Match Report
Forres Sandle Manor School Girls-U10 vs  Clayesmore School
On: Saturday, 25 Sep 2021
Venue: Away

This team is really developing a cohesive game that belies their years and experience. Individual stick skills are improving every match and the determination with which the girls approach and get stuck into tackles is written on their faces. Pace both up and down the pitch is speedy, with loose balls being chased down; FSM's girls want to take control of the game. This, they did from the first whistle today, pummelling the Clayesmore goal. The few forays into the FSM D were thwarted before any real opportunities could be taken.

This will be a team to watch! Well played, girls!

Clayesmore named Eloise 'Girl of the Game' with AN adding Sophia for excellent stick work.

Final score: 5 - 1 to FSM.