Match Report
Forres Sandle Manor School Girls-U10 vs  Canford Festival
On: Wednesday, 26 Jan 2022
Venue: Away

What a day of netball! What a fabulous team! FSM's U10s (with a couple of extra girls borrowed from our U9s) arrived at Canford excited to take part in a festival. Playing the Bee Netball Stinger game (5-a-side with rotations), we were one of 6 teams taking part.

Our first game threw us in at the deep end, with a fast and furious Durlston Court team, fresh from a win against Sandroyd, while we'd been on the bench. We weren't quite sure what had hit us, but certainly needed to put that game behind us and focus on the next rounds. Which is exactly what we did. The girls put their heart and soul into their netball, playing with precision and pace. Shooters were on target, defenders were marking so tightly that Stroud barely got a look-in, giving us an 11 - 3 win. Bea, Kate and Isabella were ahead of the game in terms of space, always ready for the next pass, landing neatly near our post at every opportunity. Next up was a 'Barbarians' team, made up of reserves from other teams, filling in a programming gap as one school couldn't make it. Again, we took control of the ball and of the court. Evie, tasked with 'sticking like glue' to her GS opponent, did just that, making some super interceptions and feeding the ball up to our attackers. A 4 - 0 victory was our reward. Sandroyd was next on the agenda. Here, Rowena had a fantastic shooting game, finding space in the D and netting some long distance shots. Sophia jumped out of her socks in defence, belying her height; I wonder if she had springs in her shoes? Another FSM win, 7 - 1. Our final pool game was against Dumpton, always strong netballers. By now, FSM's girls were taking no prisoners in their pursuit of netball glory. They took the attack to Dumpton, although shooting nerves kicked in a little; it took Kate and Sophia about a dozen rebounds and over-post shots between them to net the first goal! They were almost having their own private game of 'catch' in the D. Dumpton were super-quick off the mark at the next centre, equalising within a minute. Focus was needed, with pace, but with steadiness at the same time (too speedy can often mean careless which, in turn, means mistakes for the opposition to take advantage of). The game was tight, the play end to end. Both teams scored again. Eventually, we put together some textbook passes from the defending back line, down the court to our attacking D, where the ball swooshed beautifully through the net for a 3 - 2 win.

These results put us in the final, the play-off for 1st and 2nd place overall - and back against Durlston Court. This time, we were warmed up - and it showed. We had lots of early possession, but perhaps shooting nerves got in the way; we just could not get the shots in! Play was even, but DCt held their nerve in their shooting D, giving them the edge (1 - 5). But what progress from our first game; we were like a different team!

After lunch in Canford's huge dining hall, we were delighted to be presented with our runners-up medals! 90 minutes of netball, 23 goals scored.

4 Fantastic Fives + 2 Fabulous Fours = a brilliant team! All Girls of the Game.

An extra special congratulations to Isabella and Evie for stepping up to the U10 game - they play a completely different version of netball in Y4: a lower post height, fewer players and on just a third of the court; you'd never guess this was the first time they'd played this version of the game!