Match Report
Forres Sandle Manor School Girls-U13A vs  Walhampton
On: Wednesday, 25 May 2022
Venue: at Home

With the weather somewhat under par, our fielding game was following suit at times! A little carelessness gifted Walhampton more rounders than were merited and we learned what a difference an accurate throw makes to the game. That said, there were moments of excellence, with Boo taking two catches, Ana showing real strength at 2nd post back-up, and Poppy and Immy calling the shots in terms of directing the field. Walhampton set a promising score of 7.5 rounders in their first innings.

We loaned the opposition a couple of fielders to make their numbers up to a full fielding team - and it has to be said that our girls fielded more accurately for the opposition than they did for us! Our batting was slow off the mark, too, and Walhampton fielded neatly to a strong 2nd post player, minimising our scoring potential. Gabriela was first to score, and this was eventually increased with scores from Jess, Immy, Manuela and Poppy. Towards the end of the innings, our knowledge of the rules proved a real advantage, as taking no-balls confused the fielders, allowing us to run a few extras. At half time we trailed by ½ a rounder.

The second innings started much more securely, with Ana stumping out players on balls 2 and 8. We had a 'funny five minutes' where Walhampton hit the ball to the same place and we repeatedly mis-fielded it, allowing them to score 4.5 rounders in a mere 6 balls! Add in a few unnecessary obstructions, and we were making our upcoming batting job increasingly difficult! We found ourselves needing 7.5 rounders to win - more than our first innings.

The girls worked hard, with better batting direction this innings. The score was creeping up gradually, with scores from Immy, Ella, Jess, Manuela and Poppy, but we were still trailing on ball 28 of the 30-ball innings. Tensions were high as both teams knew it was close. Manuela - whose mum had arrived for a visit - was up next and struck the ball beautifully towards the woods... perfect placement! That rounder took us into the lead, with Eugenie cementing the victory with a cheeky half on the last ball.

What a great game! The animation, engagement, excitement - and noise! - from both teams added to the positive atmosphere: Rounders is very much alive and kicking at FSM!

Final score 15 - 14 to FSM. Walhampton named Boo the fielder of the game, with her steady bowling and two catches. Manuela was awarded batter of the game, striking the ball beautifully and scoring 3 rounders. Well played, girls.