Match Report
Forres Sandle Manor School Girls-U10 vs  Sandroyd
On: Wednesday, 24 Nov 2021
Venue: Away

When the opposition scored within 20 seconds of the starting whistle, we were a little shaken... but thankfully not stirred! Back to the centre push, we settled down and quickly got into our game plan. Positional play has seen a great improvement, which meant we were able to hold our shape, giving us options when passing, as well as space to push forwards. Breaking the game into quarters was useful, because team talks were more frequent, meaning we could focus on what we needed to do next. Sandroyd had one particularly strong player, so we needed to mark her tightly, as well as not being afraid to tackle her. This, Kate really took to heart, and with great success, being a complete nuisance as far as Sandroyd was concerned. Kate said it made it easier to think of the girl as a friend, because tackling friends is not so scary! This kind of confidence soon put us on the attack, with Sophia finding the back of the net to equalise. Bea, Rowena, Courtney and Sophia used the mid and attacking pitch effectively, and we won a whole series of short corners, one of which was converted into a goal in almost textbook style, with Bea receiving, striking at goal and Sophia deflecting the ball over the line in the corner. This gave us a 3 - 1 lead at this point. Ruby, Kate and Eloise had a busy time at the back and, again, Ruby''s steady work blocked several attacks. Eloise had an excellent game! She watched the line of attack and moved brilliantly to cover, saving shot after shot; Sandroyd had to work extra hard to get the ball past her today. As time ran out, Sandroyd pulled back a scrambled goal and then, in the dying seconds, managed to pop in an equaliser. This game showed a particularly high standard of hockey for this age group and reflects the progress FSM''s girls have made in their recent performances.

Sandroyd named Eloise ''Girl of the Game'' for her amazing goal-keeping today; AN added Kate for her absolutely cracking defence. Well done, both - and well done, Team!