Match Report
Forres Sandle Manor School Girls-U13 vs  Walhampton Girls-U13B
On: Wednesday, 12 Jan 2022
Venue: at Home

It's always a bit nerve-wracking going into the first match of the season - and when it's the first netball match against another school in two years, perhaps even more so!

FSM's girls were tasked with putting in their best effort regardless of the scoreline. And that's exactly what they did! Our defence were on particularly fine form, with Freya's steady but sharp game setting the standard. Nelli was our surprise player, having never played netball before this week; you would never know! She read the ball beautifully, making interception after interception. Between them, these two girls completely frustrated Walhampton's shooters.

Mid-court play was busy, partly because most of the girls - from both teams - followed the ball instead of looking to make space; occasionally our girls bumped into each other, or grabbed for the same ball. Walhampton were quicker to grab dropped balls, so we will be practising this. Ana, Gabriela and Manuela played their first netball match, and worked hard to dodge away from their markers. Jess and Livi (WD and WA respectively) linked well to move the ball from defence to attack. Boo and Ella, taking turns at C, leaped and bounced around the court, feeding the ball in to the shooters whenever they could.

Immy and Poppy complemented each other in our attacking D, creating space and running on to the ball to land close to the post. Shooting was impressively accurate for a first match and the movement within the D was both dynamic and well choreographed; the girls seemed to 'dance' around each other rather than fighting for the same space, which is as it should be - and a great starting point for future play.

Final score: a well deserved 9 - 4 win. Walhampton named Poppy their Girl of the Game. AN's choice was Freya and Nelli for outstanding defence. A great start to the season; well played, girls!