Match Report
Forres Sandle Manor School Girls-U9 vs  Walhampton Girls-U8A
On: Tuesday, 11 Jan 2022
Venue: Away

The U8/9 girls were super-excited for their first netball matches ever!

We were playing each of Walhampton's 3 teams in a round robin format. At this level, the Bee Netball system means we play 4-a-side, position-free, across a third of a regular court, shooting into nets at a height of 8'. Walhampton's coaches had decided to award one point for shooting if the ball hit the rim, and two points for a 'proper' goal.

In the first game, FSM's girls moved well, although they treated the ball as if it were on fire! This meant they passed too quickly, causing fumbles and loss of possession. However, we were good at finding spaces and our marking skills were improving. Isabella was really good at jumping for the ball, and she was determined to catch all the high passes. Evie used the space effectively, particularly for quick, short passes. The score in this game was 8 - 1 to FSM. A great start!

In the second game, we tried really hard to keep our passing steady, and this meant we were better able to make neat passes. Elora's communication was excellent (and loud!), and Vhukhudo took some quick centre passes. Alice worked well to find good spaces and spotted the best options for quick passes. FSM's girls were ready to grab any dropped ball, and I was impressed with the speed at which they changed from defence to attack when winning possession. Shooting was more on target, with a couple of proper goals included. Final score, 14 - 2.

Our third game began with plenty of possession, and Unathi showed skill at coming forward to receive a pass. Elora shot a fantastic goal from quite some distance - and was as surprised as everyone else when it whooshed cleanly through the net! We shot a few more goals, and were much better at catching rebounds, instead of letting the ball bounce off the back line.

It was clear to see the progress the girls had made across the 3 games, with a much steadier and, thus, more accurate approach to passing the ball by the end of the afternoon.

3 games, 3 wins - but the win for me was the enthusiasm shown and the progress made. Well played, girls!

Girl of the game has to go to Elora for being everywhere (it seemed) at the same time, and for great communication.