Match Report
Forres Sandle Manor School Girls-U9 vs  Dumpton Festival
On: Tuesday, 25 Jan 2022
Venue: Away

FSM's Y3 and Y4 girls were excited to be involved in their first Netball Festival, hosted by Dumpton School. Lots of matches to play, all in one afternoon!

We played 6 matches, 4 of them back-to-back, then a further 2 after a hot chocolate break.

The girls have been working hard to use the space more effectively, instead of crowding round the ball. Their most successful plays were the times they nailed this, and the ball fairly flew down the court! Shooting accuracy was on point, and we racked up a total of 13 goals in our 6 games. Another aspect of play we'd been working on was marking players when the other team got the ball. This was much improved, and resulted in lots of interceptions and turnarounds in the direction of play. Targets for future work include more accurate passing and remembering that a ball will not go through a person!

We won 5 out of our 6 matches!

A huge WELL DONE to Evie, Isabella, Alice, Unathi, Elora and Vhukhudo!