Match Report
Forres Sandle Manor School Girls-U11s vs  Clayesmore School
On: Wednesday, 15 Mar 2023
Venue: at Home

Typical English weather: the drizzle started just as we were warming up! However, the show went on, with the girls set and ready to play. They were especially pleased to discover that we were going to play 5 sessions instead of the usual 4, which meant that every girl would get to play in every position. With 2 goals netted in quick succession, FSM took an early lead, only to see Clayesmore equalise, leaving the score at 3-3 at the first break. India and Bea were on shooting form, with the team working well to feed the ball in. After some great dodging and well-timed interceptions, Rowena took an unfortunate tumble that took her out of the rest of the game, being patched up by matron; Clayesmore generously loaned us one of their spare girls for the remainder of the match. In the 2nd play, FSM really found their feet, working together as parts of a well-oiled machine and taking the score to 7-4. Subsequent periods of play saw Clayesmore fighting back. Our game fluctuated a little, possibly with the dampness, possibly with facing fresher opposition, possibly having to factor in an unknown team-mate each time. We had some really excellent plays interspersed with a few careless loopy passes, fumbles and footwork, although we managed to stay just ahead at each stage, leaving the final score a 10 - 8 victory. Well played, all.

Clayesmore chose India as girl of the game; Coach AN added Sophia for bionic leaps and interceptions.