Match Report
Forres Sandle Manor School Mixed-U8A vs  FSM Rugby Triangular vs Ballard, Park & Yarrells
On: Tuesday, 14 Nov 2023
Venue: at Home

The U8A boys were a rambunctious crew, ready for action and champing at the bit to get going. We won't mention the mud collected on knees and kit before the games even started...!

First up was Yarrells, who had a large group who rotated the play. The boys systematically tagged, and took the play to the try line, weaving, dodging and passing with confidence to rack up a 5 - 2 win.

Next was a zippier Ballard team, who held good formation and gave our boys a real challenge, taking the lead and forcing FSM to play catch-up. This, they did with grit and flair, equalising at 5-all with barely a couple of minutes to go. Would it finish a draw? Would Ballard lead the way again? No! FSM's U8s dug in and threw their best rugby moves into play, edging a final try over the line mere nanno-seconds before the final whistle. Well finished, lads!

Scores: v Yarrells, 5 - 2; v Ballard, 6 - 5.