Match Report
Forres Sandle Manor School Girls-U11 vs  Walhampton Festival
On: Wednesday, 08 Nov 2023
Venue: Away

Playing indoor football was a new experience for the girls. With no sidelines or back line, the play was fast and furious. This led our girls to playing more 'kick and hope' than the well drilled style of game they have been aiming towards on grass. The girls certainly showed guts and there was some defensive flair (or panicked reflex reactions?) from Unathi and Alice, who were pummelled at the back. We came off second best in all of our games, leaving us 4th out of the 4 teams involved. But it was certainly a steep learning curve and the girls fought valiantly.

Scores: v Castle Court, 0 - 7; v Walhampton, 0 - 5; v Dumpton, 0 - 2.